Arlberg Escapes


Congratulations! You are triumphant, the winner of the legendary White Thrill ski race . Last night you celebrated like true champions but at some point you lost the winners trophy!

The trophy was passed around during the evening to glorious applause, everybody must have held it at some point. What happened?! Did you misplace it or is there something more mysterious at play?

You only have 1 hour left before you are due to take part in the official winners ceremony, all eyes are on you and they are expecting to see the trophy held high during the parade. It is imperative to get the trophy back! You must use your winning teamwork to relive last night’s steps and find the trophy.

 The bartender however has other ideas and left you some surprises..

Will you be able to solve the puzzles, bypass the obstacles and reclaim your trophy?

You have 60 minutes, you’re running out of time.